This is Daniel Lee McCauley. We call him Danny. He`s 17 years old. He plays football. Does wrestling and weight lifting. He is in 11th grade. He always puts a smile on peoples faces. He makes everyone laugh. He laughs at his own jokes and sometimes when no one else is laughing. He loves fishing. He wears guy harvey. His favorite colors are Blue & Orange. He loves country. His favorite singer is Taylor Swift. He would listen to her in his jeep, at home, during school, whenever. But something bad happened, February 22nd danny was in a car accident, no other vehicle was involved, but he passed away. The whole school found at later that day when he didn’t arrive at school. So many people were impacted and crying leaving us in tears. His parking spot is full of writing and flowers and gifts. There are so many candle lightings and services going on Friday. We as a school of Three Thousand (3000) kids plus , family, and friends from other schools and a lot of strangers want to make dannys dreams come true. please if you have any connections or ways to get Taylor Swift or her managers or agents to see this please. We want her to have a concert tribute for her or have her come down and speak and sing for danny. we miss and love him so much. Please reblog and share the story on facebook, twitter, tumblr, anywhere.thank you so much. TAYLOR SWIFT PLEASE DANNY WAS IN LOVE WITH YOU AND YOUR MUSIC! Lets help get dannys dream to be possible. - this is on tumblr twitter and everything keep posting ! ♥

his page is here,

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